If You Press THESE Areas On Your Nose, You Will Literally Attract Money And Happiness Overnight!

It may sound silly, but pressing these areas on the nose will affect your energy and others’ energy and success will surely follow you!
Carlton Smith, an Australian acupuncturist has an interesting theory how to attract money and success with the help of nose acupressure. According to him, all of us have an energetic vibe around the body called aura. Through the aura we build relationships with other people, for example people who can help us achieve progress and make money. Moreover, he adds that the certain areas on the nose are connected to those layers of the aura in charged for reception. If you do not have money, and you have no success in this area, the part of the aura in charged for the reception is surely blocked. Therefore, if you want to unblock these parts of the aura, apply this technique.
Smith conducted a research with 347 volunteers, who applied this technique in the morning and at night during 18 weeks and in 91 percent of the volunteers; the financial situation had drastically improved. Therefore, try it on yourself; it is completely free!
Every morning and every night, dedicate a bit of time for you. Be alone in a room and relax. Press the areas from the photo and maintain a constant pressure for at least 10 seconds. Begin with area 1 and the entire first week needs to be dedicated to this area. You will dedicate the other week on the area number 2, and so on, until you finish the 7 week cycle, i.e. 7 areas.
While pressing a certain area, concentrate and visualize the situation described in every area:

Area number 1- Progress in the work place

Imagine yourself in a new work place, new job with a bigger responsibility, and of course, a better salary.

Area number 2- Inheritance and gifts

Imagine yourself happy because you received a valuable gift or inheritance which will change your life entirely.

Area number 3-Duties and taxes

Imagine yourself as a valuable and conscientious worker who deserves to be relieved from duties and taxes.

Area number 4-Lottery

Play lottery the week you are pressing this area (without high risks and investments) and imagine you are a lucky winner.

Area number 5- Donations and scholarships

Imagine yourself as a person with numerous talents who deserves to receive donations and scholarships.

Area number 6- Shares, investment funds

Imagine yourself successfully investing money in some business, fund or shares and how your money returns to you manifold.

Area number 7- Higher salary

Imagine yourself having a higher salary for the same job you are performing, of course, because you deserved it.
Repeat the cycle from the beginning until your roads open up and you achieve the wanted success.